About Us

Almost Classical is a trio of young ladies from Orcas Island who love making music together. With Lisa Carter on Celtic harp or piano and Emy Carter and Paris Wilson on violin, this group has performed for nine years and released two full-length albums. They’ve entertained audiences at the Evergreen State Fair, San Juan County Fair, Martin Lund’s One World concerts, Orcas Island’s summer Music in the Park and several previous Brown Bag concerts. While each is classically-trained on her instrument, they bring a unique twist on pop songs by creating their own improvisational arrangements of classic pop from Journey and the Beatles to today’s top popular artists.

Lisa and Emy have graduated Magna cum laude and Summa cum laude respectively from the BIOLA Music Conservatory in Los Angeles.  Paris is currently attending Bowdoin College.  Each has received top ratings at Northwest Washington music contests, both as a group and as individual soloists. Lisa is now writing music and her music can be heard at lisacartermusic.com  Emy has just obtained her Master’s degree in Music Performance at the University of Louisville.  Paris was Associate Concertmaster for a youth orchestra that performed in February at Carnegie Hall, and is busy with opportunities on the East Coast this summer.   Emy and Lisa are returning to Orcas Island for the summer of 2021 and will be available to perform for weddings and other events.   Book your event now.

  1. Auspicious Day (Composed by Paris Wilson) Almost Classical Purchase $0.99 2:16
  2. Autumn (Composed by Paris Wilson) Almost Classical Purchase $0.99 3:52
  3. Beauty (Composed by Lisa Carter) Almost Classical Purchase $0.99 3:30
  4. Harmony (Composed by Lisa Carter) Almost Classical Purchase $0.99 3:05
  5. Sailing Home (Composed by Lisa Carter) Almost Classical Purchase $0.99 1:50
  6. Sara (Composed by Lisa Carter) Almost Classical Purchase $0.99 4:09
  7. Don't Stop Believin (Originally by Journey) Almost Classical Purchase $0.99 3:30
  8. Hallelujah (Originally by Leonard Cohen) Almost Classical Purchase $0.99 4:06